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Valortraders is a next-generation investment manager with a modern global macro investment style. Our multi-process investment approach integrates macro fundamental, systematic and relative value analysis, generally combining these processes within a given investment strategy. We manage investment funds for qualified investors only.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are predicted to be the most influential for shaping the future of trading.

Next-generation algorithms

Algorithms have undergone a series of evolutions since their birth in the equities and foreign exchange markets over a decade ago.


So-called first-generation algorithms consisted of buy or sell orders with simple parameters. The next wave of algorithms were more sophisticated, providing investors with dynamic pricing derived from mathematical theory.


Second-generation algos deployed strategies to break up large orders and reduce potential market impact. For example, selling 500 million euros versus dollars in a short period of time could cause the price to sharply decline and therefore cost the investor more. However, slicing the order into small ‘clips’ could reduce market impact and help obtain a better price. 

Time-Weighted Average Price

The time-weighted average price (TWAP) algo, as such, allows a user to select a time frame over which to execute the trade. A volume-weighted average price (VWAP) algo is another traditionally-used strategy where a time schedule is normalized by the expected distribution of volume.

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